Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

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With Cleaning Mate, you are at safe hands. We will take care of your Mattress as you would. We have duty of care. We understand safety of customer and Mattress during and after clean. Choose us with confidence, you will not be disappointed. CALL 07 3195 8444 or all your Mattress Cleaning, carpet cleaning & Upholstery cleaning needs

Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

We spend almost one third of our life on our Mattress. Most of us don’t even stop to think what effect it has on our lives and do we care enough to maintain it. Firstly, we tend to think dusting, vacuuming will get it cleaned. It does to an extent but not completely. Domestic vacuum cleaners don’t attract tiny dust particles, dust mites, dust mite excretes’ thus exposing us to the danger of health issues, such as asthma, eczema, headaches and sneezing. This slowly leads to depression and fatigue.

Flakes of human dead cells feed dust mites and help them reproduce on the mattress, these are microscopic in size these small particles and dust mites, bacteria and fungi co-exist with us on Mattress. Periodic professional Mattress Cleaning will keep the Mattress clean and healthy.

As a professional Mattress cleaner we use vacuum cleaners which can attract small particles up to 3 micron and the steam water extraction then does the rest of the job. It is best to get your Mattress cleaned professionally once in six months.

Why Mattress Cleaning?

We will see the advantages and disadvantages of Mattress Cleaning to see if is needed and how often.

Disadvantages of not Cleaning Mattress:

  • Dead skins build up.
  • Dust mites develop.
  • Starts to smell from build up body oils.
  • Dust mites excrete twice their weight everyday thus making the mattress toxic.

Advantages of Mattress Cleaning:

  • Cleans up the dead skins,
  • Cleans up dust mites and dust mite excretes.
  • Protecting your family from Asthmatic reactions and allergies.
  • Deodorising which is part of Mattress cleaning helps with anxiety and better night sleep.
  • Mattress Cleaning Once in six months will do a world of good for your family’s health and good night sleep.

Our Mattress Cleaning Process

  1. Pre spray Anti allergen on the mattress.
  2. Steam clean and rinse the mattress.
  3. Deodorise the mattress.
  4. Leave a healthy mattress for you.