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With Cleaning Mate, you are at safe hands. We will take care of your carpet as you would. As we have duty of care. Also, We understand safety of customer and carpet during and after clean. Choose us with confidence, you will not be disappointed. CALL 07 3195 8444 for all your carpet cleaning & Upholstery cleaning needs

Cleaning Mate: the most trusted name in carpet cleaning in Brisbane since 2009

Regular vacuuming is important but isn’t enough to remove the deeply embedded particles that get attached to the carpet fibers. This trapped dirt is actually abrasive, scratching and damaging the carpet fibers, eventually causing premature wear. The only way to remove the soil is to have your carpets professionally cleaned by a qualified and trusted company like Cleaning Mate. Our Best Carpet Cleaners in Brisbane use products that are safe for people, children, and pets. Our carpet cleaners neutralize the carpets when the job is done and leave it safe for all. We are for carpet care and we care for people.

Best carpet cleaning company Brisbane!!

Very happy with the service, Best Carpet cleaning Brisbane. Well done job by professional cleaning mate person. Carpets were cleaned very well

Lily Jankovic

Tanah (Sherwood 4075)

I will recommend your company to my family and friends

Today I had my carpets cleaned by Jackson at Tone Drive, Collingwood Park. I thought he was an extremely nice young man and he did an excellent job. I will use your service again and I will recommend your company to my family and friends. Thank you. Regards 

Lily Jankovic

Tanah (Sherwood 4075)

Thank you so much for redoing my carpets they came up lovely

Thank you so much for redoing my carpets they came up lovely.. not sure what happened the 1st time but there great now 🙂 just a pity it took doing it twice.. but o well.. thanks again..


Why Cleaning Mate for Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning?

The customer has bought their Carpet or Upholstery for a variety of reasons, being Looks, colour, pattern, style, price and level of comfort. Seldom do they choose their furnishings based on Durability physical strength, colour fastness, construction, cleanability, resistance to soiling and stains etc..
At Cleaning Mate we are focused on the second group of reasons as professional carpet and upholstery cleaners.
Before we attempt to clean anything, we analyse:
Fibre identification, fibre cleaning characteristics, type of soils, chemicals and most suitable cleaning methods for each particular case. Thus ensuring to take out the soils without affecting the dyes and leaving a nice clean and fresh carpet for you.

Cleaning Mate is the leading, cutting-edge company for cleaning your carpets! Our team of expert cleaners is here to serve you with the best quality Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane possible.

What is Carpet soiling? What are they?

Anything foreign to carpet can be considered soil. We can classify them in four categories.

1. Particle soils,
2. Water soluble soils
3. Fats and oily soils
4. Dyes.

Such as: Sand, human hair, pet hair, clothing fibres, skin flakes,dust mite, pollen, food particles, mud, sweat, mucous, cooking fumes, body oils, gravy, milk, coffee, tea, cordials, fruit juice, rust, chemical colours to name a few.

Top Notch Carpet Cleaning Service in Brisbane.

Since 2009 we have been serving customers in Brisbane with carpet cleaning services and upholstery cleaning services. We have served ten’s of thousands of happy customers since then.

As a family owned business, we take our reputation seriously. You are not a number. We value and cherish your business. Our Best Carpet Cleaners in Brisbane promise to provide you with nothing less than perfection. We are affordable, effective and service oriented.

Cleaning Mate is the best choice for the most advanced Carpet Cleaning Brisbane technologies. We are second to none!

What are our Carpet Cleaning procedures?

Fibre Identification: After the inspection of carpet, we identify the nature of fibre of the carpet.

Pre-Vacuum : we pre vacuum to remove loose dry soils.

Pre-spray: pre-spray suitable chemical on the carpet to break the soils.

Agitation: using agitation brush, agitate the pre-sprayed carpet to loosen soil.

Hot Water Extraction: use hot water extraction to rinse the carpet and remove the soils and the pre-spray chemicals.