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[email protected] :- Scam Watch
We received an email recently from "[email protected]" which upon first inspection was clearly a spam email trying to access our credit card details to steal money from our account. We are posting this news update as a warning to other members of the community to be on the look out for this type of email and others in relation to this and to never give our your secure details to any unregistered website or any institution you are not aware of.

They provided these details in the email:
1. Login.
Login to your PayPal account

2.verify credit card information.
Click link a card and link your debit or credit card of choice.

3. verify bank information.
Click link a bank account for extra flexibility.

4.PayPal account status ?
That's it you're all set and ready to go shopping.

It clearly appears to be a money scam as the website link has a double 'l' in the title which is false and does not match with the true 'paypal' company website details. and we urge you never to follow these instructions.

We hope this has helped fellow community members and we are highly against emails of this sort.

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