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Cleaning Mate waterless mobile CAR WASH Brisbane

Cleaning Mate Waterless Car wash Brisbane is an established, professional company that prides itself on integrity and environmental responsibility. This option saves Water, Time, Money, and Effort. It gives a superior shine lasts for weeks… it will make your car smile. The company is Australian owned and currently operates from Brisbane. Cleaning Mate, a premium quality waterless car wash servicing all suburbs of Brisbane, polish and wax that cleans and protects vehicles in one, easy application.

cleaningmate insured mobile carwash

Protect and Polish

Our waterless car wash cleans, polishes and protects your cars exterior all in one application

cleaningmate waterless carwash service

Time and Convenience

We come to you! Waterless car Washing takes half the time it would than a regular car wash

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Free Quote and Estimate

Give us a call and we can Provide you with a free quote and estimate or submit one online

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Environmentally Friendly

There are no harmful chemicals used in our waterless car wash and most importantly We are saviang our most precious resource


cleaningmate mobile waterless carwash

Cleaning Mate is an established company that has been running for 10 years now, and we pride ourselves on integrity and environmental responsibility. Which is why our new service that we are offering provides a premium quality waterless car wash that cleans, polishes and protects all in one application.

When you book in with Cleaning Mate for a waterless car wash service, we spray the car with our product and carefully wipe it off with a microfiber towel, not using a single drop of water in the process. Our waterless car wash can get rid of not only dust but can also remove dead bugs, tree sap, bird poo and road tar leaving behind a durable shine.



 Save water
When you use Cleaning Mate waterless car wash service you do not have to use one drop of water to wash your car.
 Leaves A Protective Finish On Your Car
 Removes More Than Just Dirt
Waterless Car washes get rid of greater than simply dust. You can likewise utilize them to remove pests, tree sap, mess up marks, and road tar to leave your car looking Shiny
 Creates a Long-Lasting Shine and Protection
Cleaning Mate Waterless car wash and wax items produce durable sparkle. In fact, the safety finish that grains water for up to two months and also protects from
converter discharges, tar, pests, roadway grime, salt, as well as bird droppings.


cleaningmate waterless carwash

  Leaves a protective finish on your car

  Biodegradable and eco-friendly products

  Pay for your wash electronically and securely

  Trained and skilled car wash crew members

  We offer multiple services at a great value

Cleaning Mate offers two packages to suit everyone's needs. Our first package is a basic hand wash for the exterior of your car. This package includes the exterior being cleaned including your windows and tyres. Our other package is a deluxe wash that includes all the things in the basic hand wash as well as the interior. The plastic trim will be cleaned as well as being vacuumed. Please not the boot won't be vacuumed unless it is empty. Our prices can vary depending on the size of the car.
Basic Hand wash
  • $39
  • Best Offer
  •  Clean & Polish
  •  Windows Shine
  •  Tyre shire
  • $59
  • Best Offer
  •  Clean & Polish
  •  Windows Shine
  •  Tyre shine
  •  Plastic Trim
  •  Interior & boot vaccum
  • *Car boot will only be vaccumed if empty

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