Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions constitute the full and complete service agreement (the “Agreement”) between you (the “Customer”) and V2 Enterprises Pty Ltd ATF V2 Family Trust Trading as “Cleaning Mate” of 3 Leach Road Tamborine QLD 4270, Australia for the provision of services by Cleaning Mate.

Estimates and Quoting

  • Our minimum call out fees for any job is $99.00 (this can be a combination of rooms, hallways, stairs etc).
  • The price for our services given to you over the phone / online booking or email is subject to inspection of the job before work commences.
  • Our technicians do an inspection when they arrive at your premises. They check the size of the area, any pre existing damage or stains in the carpet before they start the work.
  • Then the technician will confirm the price with you before commencing the work.
  • Normally the price given over the phone or online booking does not change.
  • The price will change on following circumstances:
  • There are extra rooms or areas that we were not told about.
  • The rooms are larger than 14m2.
  • Parking near the job is unavailable.
  • Carpet is heavily soiled and needs extra time for cleaning.
  • Some stains require extra treatments such as heat transfer methods.
  • Access to the job is deemed difficult access.
  • There are animal stains or odours that require extra treatments.


We charge $2.50 as difficult access fee for every stair. For example 10 stairs will be charged $2.5×10 = $25.

Spotting and Stain Removal

  • Basic spots and stains are included in the quoted price.
  • Difficult stain removal is not included in the quoted cleaning price, such stains are: aged cordial, curry, rust stains, urine etc. these stains will be quoted depending on the stains.
  • We do not guarantee for removal of permanent stains.
  • Heavy spillage of blood, urine etc… can penetrate through the carpet fibres into the backing of the carpet and underlay. These may re appear after cleaning the carpet days later due to “wicking” where the blood, urine such has travelled upwards from underneath and appear in the carpet fibres. Charges will apply for re-visit for these kind of work. 

Our guarantee does not cover the following:

Permanent Stains:

Cleaning Mate technicians will try and remove all spots & stains wherever possible. Successful stain removal depends on how much the stain has SET in the fibres. Once a stain has SET in it causes discoloration due to dye change or bleaching and become permanent. The following, if set in, can be a permanent stain:

coffee, cordial, curry, yellow urine stains,  pharmaceutical preparations, acids and bleach.

Damage to seams and joins:

Cleaning Mate does not accept responsibility for damage that may occur as a result of carpet seams and joins that separate in the cleaning process.

The latex used in carpet backings for fringing, seaming, tape binding and repairs deteriorates in time and may loosen during the cleaning process.

Cleaning Mate Guarantee

  • Cleaning Mate cleans carpets and upholstery to Australian Standards AS/NZS 3733:1995
  • If you are not satisfied with our service we will re clean any areas of concern within 5 days.
  • We do not extend our guarantee to furnishings that have permanent wear and tear and permanent stains.

General Terms and Conditions

  • All prices include GST.
  • Though commonly called “steam cleaning”, no actual steam is involved in the hot water extraction cleaning process. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is commonly referred to as the same process. Consumers often use these two terms interchangeably
  • Payment is by cash or Mastercard or Visa before start of job.
  • Prices for a room are to a maximum of 14m2.
  • A small hallway is to a maximum of 7m2.
  • Combined Lounge dining area is considered as 2 rooms.
  • Heavily soiled carpets will attract extra price. Our technician will re-quote on such circumstance.
  • Any cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will attract a cancellation fee.
  • Insurance: Our technicians / franchisees carry their own public liability insurance. In the unlikely event of an insurance claim at your premises you will be dealing directly with the franchisees insurance company. 
  • Any complaints should be sent to complaints [email protected] with a description of the problem;job completion certificate as well as photographs that clearly show what the issue is so we can resolve it.
  • All complaints are handled via e-mail to avoid communication errors. We do not deal with complaints over the phone under any circumstance.

Additions and Amendments

  • Any changes to the service/s (that was not included in the final quote) to be provided must be agreed by Cleaning Mate prior to the booking time.
  • If the Customer requires any additional services or variations at the time the Service is being performed, the Customer must first contact Cleaning Mate by telephone, who may agree to provide the additional at our discretion.
  • The Technician is not authorized to agree to any changes to the Service being provided. The Customer must not request such changes directly from the Technician.

Customer Requisites and Warranties

  • The Customer is required to and warrants that:
  • They will provide a safe working environment at the premises for the cleaner to perform the service booked.
  • The floors must be vacuumed by the customer prior to the arrival of the technician.
  • We will call the customer to let them know that the technician is on his way to the address. Please do not wait around as we estimate the arrival time within a window of one hour. ETA’s are occasionally subject to change (we will inform you with sufficient notice in case of such changes).
  • The customer must be contactable. We will call prior to sending the technician to your address to confirm that everything is ready and someone is home, if you do not answer our confirmation call we will go to the next job and you will need to re-book your appointment.
  •  The technician will have unencumbered and unobstructed access to those areas of the premises requiring the service.
  • They will provide the technician with access to all services and utilities (including hot and cold water, electricity, and rubbish bins) as required by the technician to provide the service.
  • The customer will advise Cleaning Mate prior to the commencement of the service of any hazards, slippery surfaces, risks or dangers, ingrained dirt, grease or grime at the Premises;
  •  By booking an appointment with Cleaning Mate the customer has authorized the use of the premises by the technician at the allocated time to be able to provide the service.

Privacy policy

  • The customer acknowledges that any information provided by the customer may be used by Cleaning Mate for the purpose of providing the service. Cleaning Mate agrees not to share any information provided by the customer with any third party not directly involved in the provision of the Service (unless required to do so by law).
  •  The customer agrees to Cleaning Mate communicating with them electronically and/or via other means in order to provide the Service or for reasons related to the provision of the Service.
  •  Cleaning Mate will take all reasonable precautions to protect personal information provided by the Customer from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.

Communication by us

  • As a condition of registering for Cleaning Mate you consent to us sending you Administrative Emails and Promotional Emails. In this document:

    – ‘Administrative Emails’ involve details of account activity and purchases you have made.

    – ‘Promotional Emails’ consist of product information and new offers. You may choose to opt-out receiving promotional emails anytime by simply clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of our emails or letting us know by provided email . More details about these emails can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Changes to this agreement

  • Cleaning Mate reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, and may do so by publishing an updated agreement on its website. Each updated agreement will take immediate effect after it has been published on the website.

Law & jurisdiction

  • The customer and Cleaning Mate acknowledge and accept that this agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Queensland and both agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland in the event of any dispute.


  • The content of this agreement is protected by international copyright laws and may be used for personal reference only. Subject to applicable law, permission to copy, alter, reproduce, publish, transmit and/or otherwise distribute this content is forbidden without first obtaining the prior written permission of Cleaning Mate.


  • The name ‘Cleaning Mate’ is a registered trademark of V2 Enterprises pty ltd ATF V2 Family Trust. Subject to applicable law, permission to use this name is forbidden without first obtaining the prior written permission of Cleaning Mate, or V2 Enterprises Pty ltd ATF V2 Family trust.