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A few years ago I had one of my rugs cleaned by a carpet cleaning company in Brisbane. It cost me $150 for just a small room, Afterwards, I found out this job would have only cost the company $10. Although I was upset, it awakened a passion to provide a better price. This is when I decided to start my own carpet cleaning company. Today Cleaning Mate offers the best rate and services across Brisbane. We currently have 5 active units running and are able to service all over Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast, and Redland Bay areas with plenty more units on their way!

About us

Cleaning Mate is not a carpet cleaner, Cleaning Mate is a carpet cleaning organization. Cleaning Mate has five dedicated units manned by experienced and well-trained technicians who are able to provide you with excellent service at short notice. Cleaning mate will give you an assurance of the job done by backing it up for 5 days with a redo of the job when required.

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Carpet in our home should be one of our most valuable assets. We trust our carpets in our homes to be safe and sanitary while we sit, lie and walk all over it. The question is how clean is your carpet? Carpet cleaning is commonly seen as a task left solely for stain removals and is rarely ever attended to. At Cleaningmate we have conducted our own studies and understand that many customers are hesitant because of the high standard industry price. We have made all processes
as easy and simple as possible so that carpet cleaning can become the more frequent necessity that your carpets deserve. We keep our costs down and don't engage in expensive advertising campaigns which allows us to offer our quality services at the very best low rates.
Clean Carpets are recognised by manufacturers as being more visually pleasing, potentially longer-lasting, and likely to be healthier than poorly maintained carpets. We use high end commercial equipment which eliminates room for any disatifaction and mistake for our procedures.
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