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Scam Alert! Cleaning Mate warns businesses.

Cleaning Mate wants to warn businesses of dodgy emails where people are asking for quotes with vague details and wanting to pay with credit card only

Cleaning Mate warning businesses.

Cleaning Mate recently received an email of someone wanting a quote and asking if they can pay with a credit card. We provided the quote via email as they have informed us they were hearing impaired. After confirming the details of the job required they informed us that the moving company she was using was not able to process credit card payments and she did not have mobile banking set up and asked if she could process their payment to us combined with our quote so we could transfer the money to them.

This all sounded very dodgy to use and we asked she provided the moving company's details which she provided and everything looked like it could be legitimate however upon further inspection the mobile number provided is forwarded to an overseas number and there is no company website provided. The ABN that is registered also has very little business details. We decided to have no further contact and googled the email they provided with us for the company and we found an article about someone that has previously dealt with this. Cleaning Mate would like to warn all business to ensure that they do further research if someone is providing information that does not sound legitimate.

Please see below for the article link-.

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