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Keeping Your Pets Safe With Pest Control

Pest Control Brisbane

Keeping Your Pets Safe With Pest Control
Protecting your home from fleas, cockroaches and other pests is very important for the health of your family, however a common concern with getting pest control treatments is whether or not the chemicals are safe for your pets. We put together some information for anyone with pets who may be considering getting a pest treatment done on their home.

Things you should know :

- Pesticides used for insects in your home are designed to be applied at low concentrations, the concentrations are applied to target small insects.

- Pets should be kept away from treated surfaces until the surface has dried, which is generally only 1-2 hours. It is recommended dogs and cats play outside during internal treatment and be allowed to come back inside after the treatment has dried.

- Remove food/water bowls from areas to be treated, although if you forget we handle this for you.

- It is recommended to cover the fish tanks and turn off the pump during your Pest Control.

- The droplet size of application treatment is large enough so that the pesticide does not remain in the air and there is little opportunity for exposure through breathing.

- A Cleaning Mate Pest control technician will perform the service in the safest manner possible and follow all the label directions regarding the application of the treatment.

It is your responsibility to keep kids and pets away from our work area so we can make sure all are safe .

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