Public Warning about 'Rental trends' a Brisbane Property Management Team
    Warning- Stear Clear
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    Title : Be Careful - Dangerous Duo
    Our company completed a carpet cleaning appointment for a property that was managed by Rental Trends, ( a Brisbane property management team this month.

    We received a call from them requesting us to redo the carpets. While we were arranging a time to reschedule this- the owner of the business started to verbally abuse our staff on the phone and made insulting comments about our business practise.

    The phone cal was disconnected by our staff. To our surprise, later that evening at 7pm the 2 owners of the Rental Trends arrived at our office in their work van and physically assaulted both our staff and friends of staff who were in the office at the time.

    We urge to public to completely avoid this firm. We have reported this incident to the police and hope that they do not injure anyone else again.

    Please be safe when you decide to move. Do not let yourself be put into a dangerous situation.

    Kind Regards,

    Your Cleaning Mate Team
    City : Brisbane  State : Queensland

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