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    Carpet Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)
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    So! Are you sick of looking at you dirty couches, wishing they looked so much better?! Well they can! Cleaning Mate can remove all those nasty coffee spills, food marks and just general dirt buildup. Whats even better? Our excellent prices.

    Upholstery cleaning is a practice that is often neglected, but is so essential. Your couches, sofa beds, mattresses, car seats ect provide you with so much comfort, why not return the same favour?

    Many of us with young children, have a heart attack whenever we see our children with anything spillable near the brand new couch. Imagine a big spaghetti stain smeared across the ottoman of the couch you’ve spent months to save for- headache right?! Cleaning mate offers the peace of mind that any disaster can be redeemed in just a matter of hours. We have technicians on call all the time- just for occasions like these. We provide the absolute best upholstery services in Brisbane with unbeatable prices.
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