Why do carpet cleaning?
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    Carpet Cleaning improves our quality of life. It improves our health as well as prolongs the life and appearance of the carpet.

    Carpet acts as a filter. It is the only floor covering that cleans our indoor environment by removing dust, dirt and some gases so we don't have the breathe them. This is a truly wonderful thing but it can't go on forever without our help. Eventually the carpets get full. When that happens, it needs to be cleaned. After cleaning, the carpet can go back to being wonderful.

    Cleaning not only improves the healthfulness of our environment, it prolongs carpet life and makes it look better while it does it. Abrasive soil damages carpet appearance and degrades fibres. Damaged carpet looks dull and pile yarns may lie flat. Cleaning is economical way to maintain our investment and our lifestyle.

    The primary focus of all cleaning strategies is to remove the maximum amount of soil without damaging the colour, texture or condition of the carpet. While the goal may be simple, the path that leads there is riddled with odd constructions, a variety of fibres, dyes and finishes all of which must be preserved despite deceptive spots and stubborn soil.

    The goal of perfectly clean carpet is reached by correctly identifying the challenges and then the choosing from a spectrum of cleaning solutions, tools and methods. Meeting the cleaning challenge requires knowledge of carpet construction, soils and stains and cleaning science including cleaning methods and spotting.

    Effort spent learning about the cleaning world now will save many, many hours of actual, sweat producing physical.
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