We've Expanded our Borders!
    Now servicing in Ipswich
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    Famous for our 3 Rooms for just $59 end of lease clean
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    Experts in the field for the last 4.5 years.
    Opening hours : 8am-4pm
    Title : Ipswich
    Due to a high influx of demand, we have restructured our routes. Cleaning Mate now services in IPSWICH! Call us now and Cleaning Mate can be there for you today!

    We pride ourselves on providing excellent service for a fraction of the cost. No need to continue paying 5 times more than necessary when Cleaning Mate can take care of all your cleaning needs with a lasting guarantee!

    Our Pest Control prices are the greatest in the city, with Flea Treatments starting at just $69!!

    Whether it be for a freshen up, Bond Clean, you have Water Damage or you have a naughty pet who is not yet trained, we can be there that day to give you and your carpets the attention and care that they need.

    Why pay more when your friendly Cleaning Mate is just around the corner.

    City : Ipswich  State : Queensland

    Call us now : 07 3161-9988