Good to See Jins Smart $10 Hair cut
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    Title : Jins Smart Cut's$10 Hair Cut
    One of the members of the Cleaning Mate Team went out to get a haircut today and found an amazing deal!

    Brisbane loves Cleaning Mate because we give unbelievable deals and excellent service, and now we have found another business that gives just as good a deals as we do!

    Jins Smart Cut's gives unbelievable deals on haircuts, for just $10!!! You cant beat that!!

    If you want a great deal on a haircuts contact them on:
    Ph: 07 3891 9518
    Mobile: 0421 139 372

    Or pop in and see them at:

    33 Carl St, Woolloongabba QLD, 4102
    City : Brisbane  State : QLD

    Call us now : 07 3161-9988