Avoid Mohammed's Electrical Repairs in Coopers Plains
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    Title : Cleaning Mate Warns against Mohammed's Electrical Repairs in Coopers Plains
    As a company we are well aware of the damage a bad review can do, however the Cleaning Mate team feels that we need to warn our fellow carpet cleaners to avoid Mohammed's Electrical Repairs in Coopers Plains and save you hard earned money!

    Cleaning Mate approached Mohammed Electrical Repairs the other week to do some servicing and repairs on some of our machines. We heard about this company and decided to try them out, rather then our usual repair company, to see what they could provide us.

    The final amount we were charged was ridiculous! We have never been charged that much for machine servicing during our whole 5 years running as a company! The invoice showed that they spent 2 hours labour on tasks that would have taken us 15 minutes to complete ourselves back at the office. And even after paying all this money, our machines have broken down multiple times, disadvantaging not just us but our loyal customers!

    We highly recommend staying away from this company. They have bought us only problems.
    City : Brisbane  State : QLD

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