Cleaning Mate is IICRC Certified
    Cleaning Mate IICRC
    Acreditation :

    Fully licensed technicians
    Areas of Expertise :

    Carpet Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)
    Opening hours : 8am-4pm
    Title : Cleaning Mate is IICRC Certified to Provide you with the Best Carpet Cleaning Service!
    When choosing an IICRC certified company, such as Cleaning Mate, to do your carpet cleaning you can guarantee that you will receive an experienced, knowledgeable and accredited technician that is able provide the highest quality of service every time.

    The IICRC logo is a symbol of quality, held only by accredited companies and technicians that have complied with IICRC's rigorous list of standards.

    All IICRC certified companies and technicians have been specifically trained to IICRC 's strict standards. Certified technicians are taught skills that go much deeper than just standard sanitisation, they also include repair, deodorising, maintenance and restoration.

    As a result, IICRC certified technicians and companies (such as your Cleaning Mate) hold extensive knowledge in all carpet areas and are able to provide the best possible service and care for your carpets.
    City : Brisbane  State : QLD

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