Laundry Mate Coming Soon to Brisbane!
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    Title : Laundry Mate Brisbane
    Laundry Mate is coming to Brisbane! This exciting new laundry service will take the city by storm.

    Services include collection, washing, ironing and delivery of all your soft goods!

    Watch this space, do your last few loads, and prepare yourself for the best thing since the dishwasher.

    Imagine coming home from work and your washing has been finished and it sitting on the bed waiting for you. The world has never seen anything like it. This innovation will be your new best friend. Get ready to have their number on speed dial :)

    Laundry Mate is in the final stages of production and will be ready for you in just a few short weeks.

    Watch this space!
    City : Brisbane  State : Queensland

    Call us now : 07 3161-9988