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  • What method of carpet cleaning do you use?

    We us Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction, Carpet Shampooing/ Wet Clean). This is the industry recommended method of carpet cleaning.

  • What is your complaints policy?

    Should a redo (recleaning of the carpets or upholstery) need to be done, the customer will need to provide access to the property. Cleaning Mate will not be able to coordinate with the real estate or property managers. We are happy to collect the keys if the real estate is 500m or less from the property. We cover out work for up to 5 days. We do not handle any complaints via telephone. For more information about our complaints procedure click this link Complaints Policy

  • My carpet has water damage, are you able to help?

    Yes. Our water damage process involves removing 80% of the water. We will then clean your carpets and ensure it is fresh and vibrant for use. Don’t forget the free deodorising after wards incase the damage has left a wet/damp smell!

  • Is there a cancellation fee?

    No. Please just contact our friendly Clean Mate Team with plenty of notice, and we will be more than happy to reschedule another appointment for you.

  • What do I need to do for the appointment?

    To complete your appointment, we need access to both power and water. We also ask that you vacuum your carpets beforehand.

  • Do you provide house cleaning services?

    Unfortunately at this time our team does not provide house cleaning, however when booking your appointment, we can suggest some excellent home cleaners.

  • Is your cleaning appropriate for an end of lease exit?

    Yes. We will provide you with a receipt on site which will be valid to hand to your real estate as proof of professional clean.

  • Should I have my carpets cleaned before or after the bond clean?

    We highly recommend that you leave your carpet cleaning appointment until last.

  • Are you able to pick the keys up from the real estate?

    Yes. We are more than happy to collect and return keys from the real estate for you. Just let us know.

  • Do I need to be present at the appointment?

    If you are unable to be present at the time of the appointment, let our friendly Cleaning Mate staff know and we can arrange alternate access to your home.

  • What is the extra charge for stain removal?

    There is NO additional surcharge for stain removal. Our services aims to bring your carpet back to life, all charges necessary to do so are already included.

  • How far in advance do I need to book?

    Cleaning Mate prides itself on being able to make itself available on short notice. Give our friendly team a call and they will make an appointment for you within 48hours.

  • Please explain the $2.50 per step fee..

    We are more than happy to clean all carpeted areas of your home. There is a small fee of $2.5 per carpeted step that you require cleaning. These carpeted stairs will not incur the above mentioned $15 surcharge.

  • Why is there a $15 surcharge if my home is more than 10 steps from ground level?

    For your convenience, cleaning Mate uses portable machines, making it easier to reach all style of homes. This $15 is a service fee for our technicians to carry their equipment into your home. Please note that this charge is only applicable if your stairs are external to your front door.

  • If 3 rooms is $59, why is 1 room still $59?

    Our minimum call out fee is $59 so up to 3 rooms can be covered in this cost. For specific cases, our minimum charges may vary by circumstance.

  • How do I make a booking?

    Making a booking is easy and only takes a minute. Either request an online quote or call our friendly Cleaning Mate Team with your preferred date and time.

  • What areas of Brisbane do you service?

    We service all areas of Brisbane within a 30km radius of the CBD

  • Do you offer a guarantee?

    Our work is covered for 5 days. If you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome of your appointment you can contact us with in that time(via email) and we will be more than happy to revisit your property.

  • How do you manage to remain so cheap?

    We do not believe that we provide a cheap service, but rather, other companies are far too expensive. We cut costs where the quality of our services and our customers are not negatively affected. Our numerous technicians are placed in all areas of Brisbane which saves time and money on travel. We do not engage in expensive advertising campaigns and buy our chemicals directly from the manufacturer which allows us to invest the money back into our customers, who we believe, are our grand ambassadors.

  • Do you have credit card facilities?

    We accept both cash and credit card, keeping in mind a small 2% surcharge for all card transactions.

  • What is your minimum call out fee?

    Our minimum call out fee is $59.

  • How long will my carpets take to dry?

    After your appointment, carpets will take minimum 3 hours to dry. The weather or season may affect your carpets drying time.

  • Will I be compensated if you are running behind ?

    Cleaning Mate offers the best rate in the city with a reliable service, on top of that our profit margin is very limited. We can't spare a 20% or 30% discount just because we are running late. If we are running more than an hour late (e.g your appointment is booked in for arrival time between 10.30-11.30 and we arrive at 12.30) we can consider a 20% discount on the total price. However if we have informed you that we are running behind we are unable to provide compensation. 


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