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Cleaning Mate is seeking enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about a clean healthy lifestyle, who want to make difference to thousands of people every day. Did you know? Our service began as a part- time bond cleaning business without a brand name and we were just servicing a 10km radius of Brisbane. As a Mate at Cleaning Mate, you will be supported by a dedicated team of experienced professionals with proven systems and processes. Take the steps to join one of Brisbane's fastest growing carpet cleaning and pest control team now!

Frequently asked questions

Whether you are currently an experienced carpet cleaner, pest control business owner or commencing a new and exciting journey. At Cleaning Mate, we offer a great way for you to have your own business, but not by yourself, as you will always have our full support.
We are looking to have a long relationship together, so it is important that you spend time to ensure Cleaning Mate is the right opportunity for you. Our relationship is regulated by the Franchise Code of Conduct and the Trade Practices Act, which imposes requirements on both the Licensee and the license holder. We are currently inviting your expression of interest.
Our operations are simple. The expenses are minimal, as we do all the work in regards to sales, marketing, customer service, bookings and complaints handling. Your biggest focus will be on excellence, in presenting and serving great carpet cleaning and/or pest control services. Cleaning Mate is all about fantastic customer service, we go above and beyond for our customers. Our wide range of personalized carpet cleaning and pest control services are perfect for moving out or just give your home a refresh, we aim to make things as simple as possible at Cleaning Mate
The Cleaning Mate Training Program is going to be a huge part of their success. Our Operations and Training Team will work with you, to ensure you develop all the skills required to become a successful Cleaning Mate Licensee. Working alongside and supporting you to ensure your business runs smoothly because our business is you, we want you to perform your best.

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