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Case Study

Cleaning Mate attended to a property last week for a customer named Sophie Young, when we arrived the customer had not informed us that she had 45 steps to get to the front door. We have a strict policy that is in place for our technicians that we are not able to complete a job if there are 30 or more steps to the front door. This is because our machinery is quite heavy and our technician would struggle going past 30 steps. This policy is stated on our website, our email signature as well as confirmation or booking texts the customer receives from us prior to us attending to the property. The customer agrees to terms and conditions when they book a job with us.

When she contacted us, we were completely booked up. There was no one available, we booked the job for the same day but unfortunately we were not able to complete the job, we asked if we could do the job the following day. She agreed, the real estate did not open till 9.00 for key collection, and we collected the keys at 9.30. We went to Sophie Young's property and there was no clear access (images attached). Our machine could barely squeeze into the area that was expected. It was a wet day and there were three sets of stairs to climb totataling to 45 steps. Any carpet cleaning company that has a standard machine would not be able to complete the job. It is impossible for a solo operator. We contacted her and told her, she was very upset and accused us of swearing during the 2 and half minute conversation that we had with her. This type of behavior is unreasonable and damaging. She never sounded aggressive and was very nice and cooperative at the start. However she has turned out to be very damaging to small business owners. Businesses should think twice about providing services to Sophie Young as she is capable of making any claims and allegations to get what she wants, she will get her friends to assist with anything. In most cases to have an established crime all you need is one victim and 2 witnesses. In this situation she has gotten 4 people to write a review yet they were not there to see the situation or hear the situation. They helped commit an unjustified attack on a small business.

cleaningmate case study cleaningmate case study cleaningmate case study

Sophie Young
Musgrave Road, Red Hill [email protected]

Natalie Hubscher
Sarah Manley
Nikita Jeppesen

We lodged a request to google to remove it however they have denied our request and found that there was nothing wrong with the comments that were posted.We don’t understand how this can be allowed, people are taking personal revenge on our platforms, we can’t express our side without the customer writing a negative review first. We have been servicing the community for over 12 years, we are proved to be a genuine and trustworthy company. However sometimes customers turn out to be unreasonable and this can cripple small businesses. The person who booked the job knows she is wrong, but she still wants to cover up her mistakes by placing five bad reviews on our business.

We thank you for reading this case study. Cleaning Mate Team.

We brought the carpet cleaning price down by 50% when we started and we service the brisbane, gold coast and ipswich area for $59 for 3 bedrooms and have successfully completed thousands of jobs for customers.

We are doing this case study because when we looked at many venues, we saw that there was nowhere we can voice our side. If we don't agree with what they say, they will write a bad review. When we look at the positive side, 99.9% of customers are happy with the service, this is the direct evidence of our existence where we started from a garage to the level we are at now.

Case Study - Sophie Young

cleaningmate case study
cleaningmate case study
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