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Is mattress cleaning important to you!

Dust mites are moving into our living spaces, they reside in our mattresses. rugs, blankets, couches, chairs, pillows, and carpets, It is stated that we lose between 43 to 57.6 million skin cells a day. Source: Boston Globe. Dust mite’s food source is our dead skin cells that we shed. That in itself is not the issue; however the dust mite’s bodily excrement which is the result of consuming does cause a issue.

There are several ways to eradicate the dust mite. A professional with a UV-C light can use it to cause the DNA of the dust mite to change, which means upon reproduction the dust mites will die. Dust mites can be are eliminated by cold and by intense heat. An expert working with steam cleaning equipment can also aid in the elimination of dust mites and their excrement.

Please remember this....
   Dust at least once a week and do this prior to vacuuming
   Wash your bed linen every week with out fail
   Use a good quality vacuum
   Get new pillows every 6 months or sooner
   Clean mattresses once every 6 to 9 months to kill dust mites and eliminate their excrement
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