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Cleaning tips



  • Have a wastebasket in every room. Make sure ALL the trash makes it to the wastebasket. Empty it when it's full.
  • If you take something out of a room to use--dishes, books, craft projects--when you're done with them, the next time you leave the room you brought them to, BRING THEM BACK to the room where you got them.
  • My tip is to clean out the smallest IMPORTANT room first and keep it clean. By "important" I mean rooms which keep your life running smoothly.
  • Clean the nearest "hotspot" where stuff tends to accumulate.
  • Play a game of "Erasing the Evidence." The idea is, if you make yourself a sandwich, before you do anything else, you put away the food, clean the plate, throw away the trash, etc. If you wrap presents, before you do anything else, you put away the wrapping supplies properly. No one should be able to track you around the house.
  • We clean all windows and tracks, doors, sliding doors and tracks, fly and security screens
  • We mop all floors, removing marks and wash all skirting boards.
  • We clean light fittings, wiping out dead bugs, remove cobwebs.
  • We wash all walls with particular attention to areas around light switches and handles.
  • We clean all curtains and blinds.
  • We remove cobwebs from interior and exterior of premises.
  • We clean all air Conditioners - and air conditioner filters.
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We do it all !

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