Specialization - We do it all!

Cleaning tips



  • We professionally clean all carpets, however carpets must be vacuumed clean before hand.




  • We clean inside and outside of all cupboards and doors [especially pot cupboard].
  • We clean stove including under rings, griller, drip trays and oven will be left free of grease
  • We clean inside, outside and behind the refrigerator and dishwasher [if applicable]
  • We clean exhaust fans and filters
  • We clean sinks [we use a cream based cleanser for stainless steal appliances to make them shiny] especially drains.
  • We also clean range-hood and filter [filter will be removed and cleaned]




  • We clean floor, mirrors and windows.
  • We clean toilets, vanity, baths, shower recess, tiles and screen [scum build-up will be removed]
  • We clean inside built-in cupboards.
  • Exhaust ducts will be wiped over and free of dust.
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We do it all !

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