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The service quality and work culture define the character of our company. As a family owned business, we take our reputation and customer service very seriously. You are not a number, or just a 'client' to us. We value and cherish every professional relationship we make in the process. We promise to provide you with nothing less than perfection! Guaranteed! Call us today for carpet cleaning in Carindale.

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When the carpets need to be cleaned?

How to extend the life of your carpet will be by cleaning it often. A dirty carpet contains soil and debris which wear your carpet fibers. Carpet cleaning removes these harmful particles, leaving you with a question; how often you need to clean the carpet? How often depends on how many people in the house, no children, and if you have pets or not, do you have adults who smoke in your home. If you have a house with two adults, then you need to clean the carpet every six to twelve months. If both adults are smokers then you have to clean every four months. If you have children or pets in your home then the carpet should be cleaned at least every six months, and if you have children and pets is better than clean carpets every three months. Given that these figures are a general guide, you can find your cleaning intervals can vary. If you notice that the soil and dark areas on your carpet is very dirty and the carpet needs to be cleaned immediately. If you wait too long, it will cause damage to your carpet.

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